At McBride construction Resources, we believe there are a number of good contractors who offer the qualities we do - they're capable, quick, value conscious-builders.
But at least one thing sets us apart; We speak Insurance.
Indemnity isn't generally taught in carpentry classes. We know the difference between co-insurance and code insurance, between ACV and RCV. There may be multiple policies in effect-specific endorsements often dictate how a project is approached.


We also know you need detail to calculate depreciation, and when the claim is closed the file may be turned over for subrogation.
Since 1984, we've helped agents, adjuster, homeowners, business owners, property owners and property managers successfully resolve over 20,000 claims. If you need a hundred people on the job in a matter of days, we'll have them there. If you need a skilled crew of two craftsmen in two hours, we'll have them there. If you need to show why you needed them, how much they cost and what it saved, we'll give you the answers.
Over time, we've paid our dues in insurance claims repairs. And we've evolved a simple formula for disaster renovation success:

  • The insured pays his deductible.
  • The adjuster pays the claim.
  • The contractor pays for any mistakes.
  • Nobody pays too much.

McBride Construction Resources knows construction and knows insurance - we're the professionals who keep the scale in balance.
We hope you'll come to count on McBride as a great resource in disaster renovation.